Shipping company partners medical ship

Youth & Careers

CONSORT Express Lines Ltd (CELL) announced its partnership with Youth with a Mission Medical Ships Australia – Papua New Guinea (Ywam MS) to provide maritime cadets aboard MV YWAM PNG.
CELL quality control manager Edward Fitzgerald said that service aboard MV YWAM PNG would broaden the cadets’ learning experience with training on a different class of vessel operated by a multinational team of volunteer seafarers.
“The cadets also benefit by assisting a great charity in the valuable outreaches conducted around the diverse coast of PNG,” Fitzgerald said.
“We are pleased to also announce that we have had three engine cadets and two deck cadets pass their final exams to become an officer.”
Fitzgerald said it was great to see the hard work which the cadets had put into learning pay off and he looked forward to welcoming them on board their vessels as junior officers.
CELL general manager Thomas Bellamy presented each newly qualified officer with their epaulettes (ornamental cloth pad worn on the shoulder).