Shipping service needed


As we are experiencing strong winds this month, the disaster office and MPs have warned the public to take precaution when going out to sea.
Winds are so strong that you can only travel by ship rather than boats to stand the winds and large waves.
However, coastal people are still travelling by dinghies and it is so sad to hear lives being lost.
This is happening because there is not enough passenger vessels or ships in PNG waters.
As this happens, there is no business competition among shipping companies and fares keep increasing.
Most coastal people risk their lives because they can’t afford to buy a ticket to travel by ship.
The government has forgotten about sea transport service.
Some government-funded shipping companies like Lutheran Shipping and Morobe Coastal Shipping Services are waiting and calling on the government for funds but nothing much has happened.
These shipping companies need new ships so they can help save lives at sea.
The government should look into shipping services rather than investing millions of kina every year into road services.
It is time MPs look carefully into this and allocate funds for sea transport services to help the coastal people

Islander in pain

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