Shocked by rude behaviour of cashier at traffic registry

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 27th, 2012

ON July 19, I went to the Central Provincial Traffic Registry to complete the registration of a motor vehicle recently imported from Australia.
I stood in line for over an hour before I was eventually served. 
No sooner had most of the process been completed, the cashier stood up, locked up and left.
A number of customers were left standing at a closed window without any explanation.
It was about 11.40 am, so all assumed we were to return after lunch.
I returned at 1.30 pm and waited until about 3pm, only to be told by other staffers to “come back tomorrow” as the cashier had not returned and they were about to close.
The next day, I went back at 9am and waited until 9.50am before she opened the cash office.
I finally completed the registration process and returned to my office.
Later, I discovered I had left an important shipping receipt with the cashier.
I went back and after another hour in line, I got to the same woman.
I explained to her but she responded with a very sharp highlands tongue; “I’m not going to help you! If you gave me the document by mistake, that is your problem.”
She then rang a wantok  and I waited at the counter to explain to her again the importance of the receipt.
She replied in a loud, elevated tone that she had served me once and told me to go away with my problems.
The discussion became heated as I was deeply offended by such behaviour and reminded her that she is in fact, a “servant of the people and should treat me as a customer, not a piece of dirt”.
She then called the police from next door, who promptly showed up, and with that, she locked the office and left the building.
When will the Department of Personnel Management do something about such disgraceful be­haviour?
This woman is rude, belligerent and has no idea of customer service.
I have travelled overseas and conducted businesses in a number of foreign countries and have never been subjected to such a poor standard of service.

Balimo Mangi
Port Moresby