Shooting case attracting witnesses


THE “tale” of a village law and order chairman who was allegedly shot dead in the head by police some eight years ago continues with more witnesses finding their courage to talk about the “nightmare”.
Village court clerk Aaron Yaki, from Arugunum Ward 2, told The National last weekend that Dominic Sangi was shot dead during a police raid to nab a suspect on Jan 3, 2011.
Yaki said: “Police tied my hand forced me to sit on a burning fire place after I was awakened in the early hours of the morning.
“We were caught by surprise. The police officers appear to be under the influence of alcohol. We heard a gunshot and later found Sangi dead.
“My trade store was broken into and goods were stolen. A policeman also held me at gun point and ordered me to pay K1500.
“I had no choice but to comply and I did not know what I was paying for. This was after a policeman had his fingers severed by the suspect they were looking for.”
Yaki said the suspect fled after injuring the policeman whose colleagues then went after villagers.
“We (villagers) were warned not to report the matter to anyone in Angoram or Wewak. We were all barred from leaving our village throughout 2011,” he said.
“We were not allowed to leave our village to seek medication or to go to the market or for any other business. Our freedom of movement was restricted (by the police).
“Our life and business were disrupted for nearly a year and we suffered. The incident hatred caused villagers to hate the police in Angoram.”
The National had been trying, without success, get comments from former Angoram police station commander Sgt (Retired) Tony Samban.
East Sepik police commander Supt Robert Gesa said he could not comment on the incident that allegedly occurred before his time.
On March 19, Robert Sangi, the uncle of Dominic’s son now aged eight, speaking on behalf of his nephew told The National that “we want justice for the killing of my brother”.
Gesa then said: “I have no knowledge of the incident. But I will check with Wewak CID to verify the (boy and uncle’s) allegations.”

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