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NATIONAL Capital District Met Supt has confirmed an alleged police burglary case being investigated in Morata.
A group of policemen arrived in three vehicles and allegedly raided a home/canteen belonging to Simon Rumbia at the suburb, taking what they wanted.
“Without a search warrant, they entered my premises in three vehicles,” Rumbia claimed
“They didn’t say anything but walked into my home, broke the door, went inside and opened my fridge and removed cartons of beer and cash.”
He said they removed five cartons of beer, 10 packets of cigarettes and K5,220 in cash.
“I tried to turn on the light but they shouted at me and one of the officers came in and switched off the light,” he said.
“After they collected the items, they returned to their vehicles and left the scene.’
“Their actions were uncalled for and while I wish I could identify them, I am unable too as they all wore masks. I laid a complaint at the Boroko Police Station.”
Rumbia also confirmed that the same three vehicles appeared at his home in June at around 10pm and policemen took beer and K200 in cash.
“This is the second time these same vehicles came to my home, I need police to investigate this.”


  • Serious case requires serious and transparent investigating team. It is the ‘LAW’ Breaking The ‘LAW.’ How can that case be solved? It is impossible if there’s no transparency. If this trend continues, it will spark ‘WAR.’ Civil War can break out, resulting in many deaths and sufferings. These culprits must go. How they go depends on the Judge’s Hammer, or a good men’s finger on the trigger!

  • Can the shop owner report the plate number of the vehicle and the date and time of the happenings to the crime investigation team and they will make a corresponding check to whose shift is on at that time and find out about those dirty cops action. I for one thought that this are not the police but gangs who come and steal from an innocent citizen and tax payer in police uniform using police car.

  • I bet Mr. Rumbia should stop something that may be not right, when wrong things are in your way, lets step back & find out why this is happening to me & my business, sometimes they happen for a good cause…….

  • Who is the reporter that this story – this story is half cooked because we just dont know the reason why these so called police man entered his home and took what they wanted…it complicates the story further cos its not the first time this Mr Rimbu experienced this – shouldnt we know the reason why he had to go through this?? The police couldnt have just walked in there and took what they wanted just for fun – there’s got to be a good reason for them to do that and this story couldnt tell us what that reason was…please do a better job next time reporter!

  • Whatever the reason is, and if it was the police, it does not give them the right to act in such manner.
    Such acts as these are criminals and not police men.
    It would be nice for an investigation and further reporting and interview from the canteen owner.

  • This is serious criminal offense. Are they rascals or thieves because they act as if they are criminals on the street.

    Also, most of them are womanisers so just to please their pamuks, they resort to such to get money and feed their pamuks.

    Full Stop. Womanisers.

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