Shot 7 times and killed in police cell, 4 suspended

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FOUR police officers in Aitape, West Sepik, have been suspended after a man locked up in the police cell was allegedly shot seven times and died of bleeding and his injuries.
Provincial police commander Chief Insp Moses Ibsagi said the four officers had their weapons removed as well.
“Two regular officers and two auxiliary have been suspended from duty and their firearms have been retrieved pending investigations,” he said.
According to police, the man locked up had assaulted another man. He was taken out of the cell, hit several times on the head by the officers using their weapons and several other tools.
West Sepik Governor Anthony Wouwou said the man, Jonathan Alai So-ou, 29 and from Aitape, had allegedly assaulted retired public servant Daniel Maiyu.
The governor refuted claims by Supt Ibsagi that So-ou was trying to escape.
“He was not trying to escape, he was brought out of the cell, assaulted then threatened and shot four times, we have witnesses who were there and saw what had happened with their own eyes,” Wouwou claimed. “Maiyu is said to have been having an affair with So-ou’s mum prior to the assault. So’ou had warned Maiyu on several occasions to stay away from his mother.
“However, last Wednesday, So-ou saw Maiyu leaving the camp where the family home is and assaulted him.”
“Maiyu had to be taken to the hospital.”
So-ou surrendered to the police.
On July 25, Maiyu died from injuries he had sustained from the assault. Wouwou added that on the same day between 6pm and 7pm, five officers returned from Vanimo.
“Two were regular police while the other three were auxiliary, arriving in a White five-door vehicle, they went straight to the police cell, where they removed So-ou from the cell. Using a shock absorber removed from their vehicle and their rifles, they assaulted So-ou, hitting him several times on the head.
“As he lay in pain, they fired seven shots, So-ou was shot mostly below his waist,” he said.
“After the shooting, the police took him back into the police cell and left him bleeding for an hour.
“Then they took him and left him on the hospital bed with no relatives, he was attended by staff but died at 10pm.”


  • Such Police officers we don’t need them and there is no point suspending this Police officers just terminate them from the Police force send them to Bomana so they can get some gutpla tingting go insait lo het blo ol cause nau ol nogut gutpla tingting lo karim out wok blo ol olsem ol polis man

  • Goodness where is the LAW now. PNG is heading for a worse and real disaster interms of POLICE brutality,where is the TRUST NOW for US now if our LAW ENFORCING AGENCY is do all sorts crime and killing using the cover of state..POLICE commissioner do the right things,a death threat to all the PNG citizen now,all over PNG we have Police personal doing odd things which is against all the LAW of this beautiful country PNG.POLICE MINISTER too much preaching in the parliament set your priority to address this problem within your ministry portfolio now or else PNG heading for a worse disaster near…PMJM get your police minister right to the bottom now to address this issues…or else we all will face the consequences of this ACTION.

  • The police brutality is rising every now and then in the society. The so called law enforcers persistently breaking the law and making our laws vulnerable. If they don’t take into consideration the RULE OF LAW, how would they expect order in the society? Is there any law applicable to punish those police involve in brutality?
    As a citizen and student, I’m Sick and tired of these primitive mentality. Why not police be trained for three years rather than six months?

  • Oh my gosh, where is the Police Minister and the Police Commissioner? Police brutality is getting out of hand.
    About the time the Police Minister and the Police Commissioner address this issue seriously. PNG is heading nowhere with such brutality. When retaliation occurs who is to blame?
    Police recruitment must be done straight from Schools rather than recruiting dropouts with no brain tarnishing the good name of the Constabulary. The duration of Police training must be more than a year or two, revisit the curriculum and recruitment process. The same applies to CIS and Defence Force recruitment. Those dropouts are drug addicts and involved in illegal activities well before they are recruited. Some are using friends and wantoks certificate.
    Most Police personnel lack discipline. you will see them filthy with betel nut stains and dirty rugged uniforms. Some are worst drug addicts though they are in blue uniforms they still take drugs. The Police department must do a drug & homebrew test on all Police personnel and this includes the CIS and Defence Force as well.
    I am so concerned about these actions across the nation. What if the nation revolts against Police? There will be a bloody cold war.
    Police Minister and your Commissioner look into these and resolve it well before the worst scenario occurs.

  • Please, man in men & women in BLUE, don’t deprived our rights using your uniforms. We should feel safe with you but how comes its unsafe with you???? Democratic nation….

  • Police Brutality is on going, when will it end!!!
    Police Minister is so quite since the formation of the new Marape-Steven Government,
    Wake up and speak like before, what happen?

  • Why only suspend these officers?? The person was shot and died, they should be Locked up and charged for Murder. Time and Time again Officers commit crimes and it doesnt seem to be taken seriously!!


  • They shouldn’t be suspended. There are enough grounds to arrest them and put them behind bars like every other suspects.

  • Those police officer need to be punished for their deeds. It is shameful they can do what they want to any human being! Punish them!

  • Enough evidence. Termination and dismissal is eminent now. Police bosses set a precedence now. Terminate them now so other rogue police officers will see hear and know and have some respect for general public and not act Rambo and Chuck Noris…

    • It is high time now legalize guns so we can protect ourselves from criminal elements like some of this useless rogue cops.
      I think we should adopt USA second amendment ( citizens have the right to arm themselves) which will make rogue cops think twice if they want to rob my canteen or self invite into a party.
      Up to you now my Prime Minister take back PNG or the citizens will do it on behalf of you..

  • It is high time now legalize guns so we can protect ourselves from criminal elements like some of this useless rogue cops.
    I think we should adopt USA second amendment ( citizens have the right to arm themselves) which will make rogue cops think twice if they want to rob my canteen or self invite into a party.
    Up to you now my Prime Minister take back PNG or the citizens will do it on behalf of you..

  • Murder! Murder! Murder!. It seems to me like those 4 rogue cops were on the payroll of that retired public servant to inflict pain on the young chap (but maybe not to the extreme of killing the poor young fella) who had assaulted him. A form of revenge but ends in death. A son who was over-protective of his mum looses his precious life at the fault of his adulterous mother and her lover.

  • Taking another man’s life away is murder. Those culprits needs to be punished according to the nation’s law rather than suspending and terminating them.

  • Get those four and lock them for murder.Why suspended them.This a murder case.Les pinis long ol Law enforcers. wake up and do the right thing.

  • We are all citizens of this beautiful nation. We all should respect others. Servants of this nation should do what we supposed to do. Ordinary citizens should respect servants of this nation who implement policies and its servants must carry out duties with respect and transparent. If laws are broken by some of its citizens, other law abiding citizens knew they will be punished accordingly.

    All causes of violence and deaths comes from corruption.

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