Shotgun men arrested in Hela

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The National – Monday, February 14, 2011

A DOUBLE barrel shotgun, four 12-gauge cartridges and several bottles of liquor were confiscated in various police operations in the Hela region last week.
And five people, including a woman, were arrested for these offences and transported to Mendi to appear in court as there is no magistrate in Tari.
Unaware of what was coming, two men carrying the shot gun and bullets along the Nogoli Highway were caught when armed policemen arrived in an unmarked car and told them to lie flat or be shot.
They could not run as six policemen in the vehicle had their guns pointed at them and after frisking the two suspects they were taken to Tari, charged and locked up in the cells.
During an interview with detectives in Tari, the two suspects said, they were carrying the weapon and bullets to protect themselves from tribal enemies.
In a separate operation, a woman was among those charged with  breaching a moratorium on liquor in the Southern Highlands after police found several bottles of 500ml whisky in her possession.
The suspect was in a PMV when police flagged down the vehicle and found the contraband in her possession.
Two men were also arrested for having in their possession, several bottles of assorted 500ml whisky bottles.
When questioned by detectives in Tari, the suspects said they bought the liquor from someone who was bribing local authorities to smuggle liquor into Tari and other parts of Hela region.
The suspects were charged with breaching a moratorium on liquor in the province and later transported to Mendi to appear in court.
Police engaged in Operation Paijele Haminye will continue to mount roadblocks along the highway between Tari, Nogoli, Hides and Komo in efforts to minimise traffic offences and the transportation of illicit items.