Show maturity and respect for the PM

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 19, 2011

IT is a shame that some NA leaders are fighting over the leadership when the prime minister is seeking medical treatment overseas.
He will not be pleased to learn his own men are fighting after entrusting leadership to Sam Abal.
The chief should enjoy some peace of mind instead of being troubled by power-hungry people in the party.
Despite all the mud being thrown at him, Sir Michael Somare is still much admired by Papua New Guineans.
He is a true Melanesian leader for the people.
He has the rare and unique leadership qualities that unite the different groups of people.
Who in the government or opposition today has the credibility and the charisma to unite the
people like Sir Michael?
Leaders whom we think are capable and have high hope turned out to be duds as they are motivated by greed and self-interest.
Now is not the right time for leaders to vie and fight over the top post but come together with humility and show respect for the chief.
They must learn to be patient.
Failure to do that will show they are power hungry people seeking for opportunities to strike.
Leaders are chosen and appointed by God to go­vern and lead.
There is no need for a leadership change as the nation is in the safe hands of the acting Prime Minister Abal.
He is capable and can do an honourable job.


Michael Drake Kapu
Port Moresby