Show opens doors to businesses


THE inaugural Hausples Real Estate Show provided an ideal platform for those in the industry to come together and showcase  their services.
Hausples general manager Tom Snelling said this would be an annual event, with next year’s planned to be “bigger and better”.
“I am really excited to be hosting this first real estate show in Papua New Guinea and what is particularly special is to see so many people here taking part,” Snelling said.
“I want to say thank you to our sponsors Bank South Pacific and Trans Pacific Insurance and to the exhibitors from all aspects of the market that are here today.
“This is the first but we plan to do it every year and next will make it bigger and better.”
Real Estate Industry Association president Mike Quinn commended the initiative and gave a comprehensive overview of the real estate market.
“The reality of it is that a many different factors are shaping the market at present and everything is pointing towards a soft real estate market next year, in terms of prices and demand and a high probability of it plateauing late into the year and remaining flat until 2019,” Quinn said.
“When conditions improve, we feel that the rebound will be quite spectacular. But for the foreseeable future, it is a buyer’s market.
“On behalf of the real estate industry association, I thank Hausples for facilitating this event.