Show Senat no sympathy

Letters, Normal

I WRITE to express my thoughts on AIDS victim Nicholas Senat who passed the virus to innocent, young women he had sex with (The National, Jan 29-31).
Although people, especially Christians in the country, can applaud his courageous stand to come out and testify and ask the people and God to forgive him of his actions, we do not see the silent death about to impact on the lives of the innocent women, they will surely die slowly of this killer disease.
I sympathise with Senat after listening to his testimony in church last Sunday morning in Lae and saw his deteriorating body in public.
It did not please me at all after thinking of what he had done to the working women, knowing well that he had AIDS.
I also read an article published in your newspaper at the end of last year about an Australian man, who knew that he was HIV positive, had used a syringe to injected his blood into his wife as she slept.
When the wife screamed and reported the matter, that Australian man explained the same words as Senat: “I want her to also get AIDS like me and die with me.”
Senat said something similar: “I have AIDS and I want these girls to get AIDS, suffer like me and feel the same pain as I am feeling and we all die together.”
The Aussie wife reported the matter to police and the husband was arrested by Australian Federal Police and jailed for life as this was regarded as murder.
I feel PNG police should intervene to request Senat’s victims to come forward and press charges, and if there were sufficient evidence, then the police should arrest Senat and charge him.
Like the Australian man, Senat knew he had the disease and had intended to kill the innocent young women silently.


Women sympathiser