Showcase our own culture, not others

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the opening ceremony of the PNG Games last week.
The organisers did a great job in organising such a big event and ensuring that everything went according to plan without a hitch.
For that, I commend them for their gallant efforts, hard work and dedication to ensure the ceremony was a success.
The school children who put up a great display showed that PNG have many talented youngsters who are capable in the arts industry.
There are two incidents which I am not happy and can be corrected in the closing ceremony.
The first is the choice of music.
While I understand that this is a new era, I would still prefer if the choice of music are Papua New Guinean songs.
After all, this is the PNG Games.
Likewise, I fail to understand why we have to showcase dances from other Pacific Island countries.
This is not the South Pacific Games.
We have more than 800 languages and cultures.
So why weren’t a fraction of that being showcased?
We should be showing off our PNG culture and dances, not those of other countries.
We must not let such lapse of pride to ever happen again as we must be proud of what we have.


The patriot
Port Moresby