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Kala Aufa

THE Opposition has filed a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister James Marape, with Parliament’s Private Business Committee expected to determine tomorrow whether it should be tabled in the House.
The committee members, all Opposition MPs except for Speaker Job Pomat who is chairman, are expected to forward their decision to clerk Kala Aufa who will circulate it all MPs as soon as possible.
The Opposition MPs have also named Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch as their nominee for prime minister if the motion of no confidence is approved.
Aufa told The National yesterday the motion, moved by Opposition Leader Belden Namah and seconded by Abau MP Sir Puka Temu, was signed by 13 Opposition as required by the Standing Orders.
He confirmed that committee chairman Pomat received it at 2.15pm yesterday.
He said the committee meeting day as per the Standing Orders was Wednesday (tomorrow).
But he said everything would depend on whether the clarification by the court on Kerowagi MP Bari Palma’s status as an MP was received by then.
Parliament sat yesterday as per an order by the Supreme Court last week but was adjourned by Pomat as he wanted to deal with Palma’s case first.
There were 53 MPs in the Opposition and 52 on the Government side in the House yesterday.
Pruaitch yesterday thanked the Opposition team for its support for him.
“I thank the different parties in the Opposition who like my members in the National Alliance Party moved on Friday Nov 13 to change our current political course.”
On Sunday, the 55 Opposition MPs faced two nominees for prime minister – Pruaitch and Bulolo MP Sam Basil.
Pruaitch got 27 votes to Basil’s 24.
Four MPs did not vote. Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill and Opposition Leader Belden Namah abstained from voting because of their friendship with both men. One MP was in hospital and another was away for personal reasons.
Pruaitch is confident that the Opposition would change the government within the short period of time because of the wealth of experience among its members.


  • Pruiatch is even worse than all previous PMs combined. If he becomes Prime Minister, I will consider changing my citizenship.

    • Sammy, you remind me of a South African Comedian call Trevor Noah. He joked about the whites living in SA, when the first black candidate for the presidency run for the higher officer is SA, all the whites wants to board plane tickets to Australia and other countries or even change their citizenship. However, when Mandela become the first black president of SA, all the whites stayed back. Hahahahahahahahah just relax and let those we have dought above have a shot to prove their worth na nogat ok changim lo 2022.

    • Have you seen the testimony by Gabriel Kapis about his sponsors for Bsp bank robberies and eventually costed his life????

  • I don’t think PP is the right choice from the opposition team…..Corruption will be back to worse….

  • The so call leaders on the opposition are letting their very people they represent. These are selfish acts, they are doing this to increase an inch of their money stomachs. Remember, Rome was not built in a day, in order to achieve great things, atleast the country can go through what we are going through. Some people think great things can be achieved overnight. In our country being overnight millionaire is easy when becoming a politician but achieving greater things for the country doesn’t happen overnight. Those members on the opposition side are not fair, they are wolves in sheep covering. What’s tempting me to say this is, look at what commendable work like in the Porgera gold mine case and bringing more financial control in the districts by the PMJM led government have done. Can the Leaders put any material things aside and do what is right for their people at least one time like this. I salute my Honorable member Dr Lino Tom and my action Governor Sir Grand Chief Sir Peter Ipatas. Enga is at your back.

  • Name the two(2) MPs;
    The one who was sick and other who was out for personal reasons when the OPP met to vote the alternative PM.This because the OPPs at Crown continue to claim that it has it has 55 MPs.For how long where they sick and went out for personal reasons.

  • I just look at PP and felt sorry for him, by looking at the above picture it is clear PP doesn’t want to be PM. If he becomes PM, he will be manipulated and ultimately become a puppet to others.

    Expect another breakaway from Opps MPs to team up with PMJM.

  • Nau yupela salim PM igo bek gen long Sipik ah,lukaut.Bai yupela slip olsem last 45 years.
    Laki na PO changim development course blong country na yupela smart ya.Lukim yupela.

  • PP is an unstable leader. He was with PO contributed towards the mismanagement during his term as treasurer and then jumped off the boat and joined PMJM and again jumped off again to join the very people he once was with. What kind of leader is that. Em ino trupla Sepik leader. NA need to change the leadership. Givim igo lo Allan Bird or Walter Snawbelt.

  • No Trust in Pruitch. PMJM is the trusted man capable to take back PNG and its resources. May God bless PNG and Marape

  • PP is a wrong nominee .I believe most PNGans and those 22 opposition MPs have no trust and confidence in him. So We wont be surprised to see some of those 22 MPs who voted for Sam Basil will cross over on the 11th hour to the Governments side during VONC. Fingers Crossed and Expect D Unexpected in PNG Politics.

  • If Peter Oneil and Belden Nama had voted, they both would have voted for Pruaitch dumping Basil. Pruaitch would have scored 29. Opposition is just using Basil only to have the numbers but not to give him position.

    • PO and BN left voting area because they were not given choice on alternate PM. if PP is given PM post, he will be just a rubber stamp to PO and BN. PP will be manipulated, control and managed by the two MPs.

  • I know a lot of people were behind Opposition to change PM and Government …. but for the Opposition to vote Pruaitch as their alternative PM??? Many supporters might lose interest in the Opposition!!
    Come on Opposition, many people thought you knew what you were doing!

  • Why filing in application for a slip rule and then asking the supreme court to stay its decisions? Mr. Niningi, are you above the laws of this country or do you want to show the people of this country that you and your so called layers are smarter than the Five Men Bench judges who unanimously made the decisions that the actions of the speaker is unconstitutional?
    It clearly shows how hungry for power you and your Leader Marape are!!

  • Sammy and all other do not believe in PP or lets put it that way not PM material type MPs (firstly we must not judge a leader whether is of PM material type or not, they are mandated leaders and those that put their hands up to be PM knows the challenge and are capable that’s why their raised their hands up for the challenge.

    This remind me of a South African Comedian call Trevor Noah. He joked about the whites living in South Africa, when the first black candidate for the presidency contested for the higher officer of President in South Africa, all the whites wants to board plane tickets to Australia and other countries or even change their citizenship. However, when Mandela become the first black president of SA, all the whites stayed back. Hahahahahahahahah just relax and let those we JUDGE and criticise as not PM material type have a shot to prove their worth na umi lukim, nogat ok upla changim lo 2022.

    There is a saying that goes like this, “Those that you imagine won’t do anything WILL do things that you can’t imagine”.

    All the best PP.

  • When we talk about a experience studded opposition with ex PMs and ex DPMs, what colorful experience that they posses are we talking about?

    Not one of the ex PMs and ex DPMs are stained in some way by corruption allegations.

    They are the reason for PNGs stunted economic growth due to their imcompetency in having appropriate foresight, wisdom and ability to implement proper system structures and development projects.

    They are all typical melanesian chest beating showoffs. Most of them didnt and dont even know what it is like to sweat and earn a honest living, but rather suck at will without shame and guilt from a democratically cracked and leaky government system.

    These ex PMs and ex DPMs are the reason for where PNG is now, crumbled, broken, sore and leaping to nowhere but in trying to advance with one leg, rotating about the same axis of the limp leg.

    Only give credit to ex PMPO for having done more than all other formers put together, but PMPO doesnt go with the mention that he would have sucked hell alot more that all the former PMs put together.

    I believe PMJM has a vision to break these sick practices and corrupt cultures that has become norm of PNG politicians and truly pave a way for PNG”s betterment.

    The boasted ex PMs and DPMs didnt do much for decades (of course except to build their empires), so which person would be insane enough to believe that they can all of a sudden make it happen in 18months.

  • Em orait larim em traim tasol, samting blo marape.
    Pukpuk ya, noken lonlon, ol mas unit. sapos nogat, Somara tasol na bai history.

  • Please name the two MP’s or it’s a claim to have numbers????????????????????????? Meanwhile I believe the opposition does not have confident in PP but just bcoz there is no potential candidate so they just appointed him. We’ll see most will jump to the other side in the 11th hour.

  • Too risky for them giving away PM to few genuine in the opposition. The last 3 weeks It was really a tough time for them working around to find someone for the PM post and that someone is not any other ordinary mps in the opposition it must be someone within their own circle of cronies who have been settled in for the past successive governments. If you look closely they have one thing in common handful of them plus those vying for PM post they are running away from their own pekatos (ICAC) nearly caught up with them. Therefore, they are really struggling hard looking for someone for the pm post since everyone are so popular at own ways its really hard for them to get the pm post. PP more or less moderate in that regard so he was nominated as the alternative pm. Few genuine mps in the opposition doubted by the majorities as their ambition and determination is unknown to this current political turmoil.

  • SB is a bartered man, he is definitely unhappy, he was cruelly conned to be the PM. PO and BN conned SB to break the government ranks on the condition that he will be the PM. SB will never forget the decision he made to pull string which created mass exodus of government MPs to the opposition. He made his move based on very bad advice and his calculations were all wrong. He is contemplating, he made that decision. SB it’s not too late, we want you now to move to the government. You will gain respect, uprightness because you in the wrong place you fought very hard to remove. Restore your credibility as corruption fighter and warrior you were. Join your brother warriors and champions in the likes of GJ, AB, BK, JM, WS and other like minded politicians in the government. Your move won’t be a mistake, that’s where you belong.

  • SB your DPM post in the current government you vacated is still vacant and sincerely awaiting for you to come back…..who disregarded you in the current government re enforce your team and cross over…. PMJM with othe mps are waiting for return and that its game over….

  • Mi harim bikpela toktok long olgeta manmeri lon PNG.

    Mi tingim yu laikim nuipela politician yu mus mekin vote count long elecdion i kam up 2022.

    Muski wari behintaim long 2020 yia bilon covid em bagarup. Niupela PM no gat taim lo mekim change.

    Nogat moni nogat wok – lukim lo 2021 na statim stret.

  • Opposition would change the government within the short period of time because of the wealth of experience among its members are the past failed MPs. they went to get in there because 2022 is just around the corner. Toe see what they can plunder to help them run again in 2022.

  • Between 16-24 MPs in the opposition side will move back to government. They are only waiting to pay some respect to the camp sponsor while the slip application and Bari Palma’s insolvency issue are pending. If both do not succeed, the last resort to exhaust may be the demarcation of powers between Parliament and Judiciary whereby the speaker may seek leave to exercise what the parliament can do to justify any errors whatsoever deem necessary without due influences just to test the waters. If it doesn’t work, there may be other options to be considered to preserve the integrity of the parliament in the best interest of the people of Papua New Guinea. The very last option is the numerical strength on the floor. Guys, hold your breaths and watch the play!

  • I am very unhappy with how our so called MPs have been running this country .. I don’t know what the future will be like for my kids ! If I want to fight evil with evil then I am thinking of organizing a rebel group !


  • One thing common in all the opposition members is that they are one way or another partners with companies that serves their rice plate. PMJM has stap on their rice plate. Very sorry for blind parliamentarians backing. Theirs is just for cash to play dirty come 2022. Common people, choice is yours.

  • While the Government side is not divided, Opposition are divided, 27 for PP and 24 for SB. This simply means that 24 do note like PP who is the PM nominee for the Opposition. So lets wait and see what will transpire on the floor of the parliament, its PNG Politics. SB is a yoyo and PP is not a best candidate for both sides of the house. The last time the Secret Ballot was conducted, PP lost so hope he wins this time.

  • Makes you wonder when PO &BN led the opposition to make a change and then nominates another for the top post then what was their main reason to challenge PMJM.

    They’re only trying to settle a score amongst themselves.Leading up to 2022 with under 18months to go is a big ask,unless you are planning on something else like attempting to rig 2022 NGE .
    Your alternate PM choice is bad..The man doesn’t create waves in the parliament.He only surfs on other peoples wave.This country requires men who will rise up for the sake of it’s people and demand better for that matter.Unfortunately PP lacks the that calibre..

  • Simply all the money lovers ,self interest, preaching like they have the heart for the people all bullshits,I don,t for one trust this bounce of opposition Leaders. Belden Nama I have been supporting you all through, why can,t you try this PM post instead handing over to your corrupt Puriach .

  • Governor General, please, no fear or favor. Just DISSOLVE this Parliament and lets get back to early National General Election. You and the selected good leaders and citizens of this country to over see the running of the businesses of the country now. Give back the power to the people of this country to elect new MPs. Enough of this Madness. Its just total crazy with this VONC business. Vote them out or the present MPs out, all of THEM? And vote in total new look MPs altogether and with the new Prime Minister from the PARTY which has won more Members. LET THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE DECIDE. AND IT WILL BE A VICTORY TO THE PEOPLE OF PNG AS A WHOLE. Chief PSB

  • My post on the 15th of December 2020: “Between 16-24 MPs in the opposition side will move back to government………….. The very last option is the numerical strength on the floor. Guys, hold your breaths and watch the play!”

    The Result on the 16th of December 2020 being:
    Total Parliamentarians – Opposition = Government.
    That is, 109-34=75
    Total in Government – Loloata camp = Defectors
    24 has moved to government Bench today to pass the budget Bill.

    However, the head count of defectors in the Government Bench was 61. When you change the number back to front, it is 16. Also, the date the event occurs is on the 16th. Furthermore, Prime Minister James Marape is sometimes referred to as PMJM16. Therefore, I predicted 16 as the magic number on the 15th of December and it happens.

    How did I get 24. When you minus 34 opposition present in the parliament to pass the budget from 109 total members, it gives you 75. That is the number of members in the government side minus 51 original from Loloata, it gives you 24.

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