Showers kept Madang residents indoor

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 3rd January 2012

THE rain in Madang was a blessing in disguise for many families as they celebrated a peaceful Christmas and New Year.
The rain and the dark, gloomy, overcast skies dampened the spirits of those who wanted an outdoor celebration.
The rain ensured that the jobs of police officers on Christmas and New Year operations were made easier as many people stayed indoors.
The pre-Christmas tough stance police took on those producing homebrew or caught drinking proved to be effective as many kept off the main road, especially the North and South Coast roads.
The provincial beer ban was observed by licenced and unlicenced operators despite the fact that beer smuggling went on in places not patrolled by police, who faced a shortage of manpower.
Police logistics was beefed with three vehicles given for the ope­rations by the Madang district administrator.
In a show of strength on Saturday afternoon, 22 police vehicles with sirens blaring did a round of the town vicinity up to Sisiak number one, two, three, Biliau junction and back into town.
Snr Const Adam Yawing said from Malala (between Madang and Bogia) the town was “very peaceful”.
Elsewhere, no major incidents were reported.