SHP administration to continue support

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The National, Monday 20th August, 2012

THE Southern Highlands administration says it will continue to support Hela until the physical transfer in 2014.
Deputy administrator Dr Bravy Koensong said from Mendi last Friday that although political ties were cut with Hela as a separate province, all aspects of government business would be maintained by Southern Highlands.
Koensong said that meant Hela was still a part of Southern Highlands until 2014.
He said public servants would still come under the Southern Highlands’ payroll although Hela had its own provincial head.
He said they would prioritise setting up Hela’s education and health systems and other services until it had its own established public service delivery systems.
“We and stakeholders are obliged to help Hela build a system during the transition period and want to see a tangible and viable government service delivery system in place,” he said.
“Hela will still operate under Southern Highlands until 2014 when all authority, such as financial powers, will be transferred for Hela to run its own province.”
Koensong said the onus was now on the governor, leaders and parliamentarians from both provinces to get help “anytime” from the administration, central government agencies, courts and statutory organisations.
He said following health and education, they would look into setting up a human resource management system, finance and treasury sector, and works and engineering division in Hela.
Koensong said Hela should have a database management established for fixed assets such as roads, bridges, health centres and schools.
The Southern Highlands administration has its budget ready and is waiting for the Hela provincial executive council to hand in its budget submission.