SHP bans alcohol sale

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SOUTHERN Highlands province is imposing an indefinite ban on the consumption and sale of liquor, starting May 11.
The provincial executive council (PEC) made the decision last year, but it was shelved due to some errors in the Provincial Liquor Licensing Act.
Also, funds were not allocated for the implementation of the project, until the PEC decided to  pledge K1 million for the operation days ago.
Provincial police commander Supt Jimmy Onopia said 320 police and local youths would be manning five 24-hour check points.
“On Thursday, police will be going out and serving notices to all the liquor distributors, outlets, hotels, clubs, guest houses and others that sell or serve liquor in the province,’’he said.
“We are giving them three months to get rid of their liquor before the ban is enforced.”
Supt Onopia said check points would be set up in Kaupena along the main Okuk Highway at the boarder of Western Highlands, Kama (Tambul access road), Tapmanda (Kandep-Karens road), Epeyamanda (Lai-Kandep access road) and Tudaka (Mangarima-Kandep road).
“We will engage locals, reserves and regular police to man the check points to screen vehicles and people for alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms, ammunition and other offensive weapons,’’ he said.
Supt Onopia said the PEC had made a wise decision.