SHP consultants vital to identify problems for improvement

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

 In response to the letter “Powi, divert funds from consultants to help students” (June 25), people such as KRG Naik must be realistic. 

Consultants are engaged to find out the root cause of a problem by liaising with stakeholders and then submitting their findings to the provincial government for deliberation. 

Engaging consultants in various sectors that lack government service delivery mechanisms is vital for our progress  and SHP is no different from the rest of PNG. 

Paying for school fees by the provincial government is not an obligation nor is it mandatory, but a privilege provided by some. 

To school leavers such as the writer who is struggling to make ends meet; do not be a beggar in your own land when we are richly blessed with resources. Make the best out of it. 

This country is not progressing because we have so many people who want money first without having to work for it.

As for the master  plan, that is a roadmap for SHP’s development. 

From my observations, Governor William Powi has delivered beyond reasonable doubt and has worked very hard for SHP during his term despite being hampered by the constant court cases that he has to battle through. 

We should understand that Rome was not built in a day and, as such, people in authority need ample time to investigate, discuss and allocate funds to contain situations affecting  particular sectors, which in this case are health and education. 

It is not good for people with pen names to criticise  leaders who have been given the mandate by the people. 

Why demand for school fees to be paid when they only started this year? 

If it is for cheap political point-scoring, you have to get your facts right.  

Powi has delivered and will deliver in the years to come, including part payment of your school fees, if he is successful  with his court cases. 


Matthew Soma Mongolap

Port Moresby