SHP counting going well

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The National, Wednesday July 11th, 2012

COUNTING in the Southern Highlands has progressed without any disruptions, according to commanding officer of Mobile Squad 19, Sgt Siwi Dami.
But he warned a newspaper to stop publishing false reports including one that the security forces had assaulted and threatened scrutineers and election officials.
The report was from a reporter based in Mt Hagen.
“Our aim is to make sure the election process is completed successfully and freely without any problem and it is not our job to assault people,” he said.
He said the report was incorrect and called on the media to be responsible and not incite trouble when they were not on the ground.
He said the report was based on allegations and hearsay.
Dami said false media reports could incite trouble during the election period.
He said their aim was to ensure a free, fair and safe election.
Meanwhile people in the Southern Highlands province are proud that the security at the counting centre was maintained all times.
Election steering committee chairman Dr Bravy Koensong thanked the security force for providing security at the counting venue.
He said the 2012 elections was the best so far in PNG’s history.