SHP governor welcomes reshuffle

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The National – Thursday, December 16, 2010

THE recent cabinet reshuffle will bring political stability during the next 15 months leading into the 2012 general elections, Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru said last Sunday.
He said this when congratulating Sam Abal as the new deputy prime minister and minister for works, replacing Kandep MP Don Polye.
Agiru also commended new ministers, especially Attorney-General and Justice Minister Sir Arnold Amet, Transport Minister Francis Potape and Agriculture Minister Ano Pala, adding that the new ministerial changes would stabilise politics.
He brushed aside speculations of a rift in government, claiming the coalition partners were intact and the reshuffle was an internal shift for the ruling National Alliance party.
“I congratulate Abal on his appointment as deputy prime minister.”
He said Polye, a Hela man, was the deputy prime minister. But, power had now shifted from one Hela man to another.
Agiru said the prime minister had rewarded Abal for his loyalty to government and had served with distinction as foreign minister.
“As a Hela leader, I am happy that power has been shifted from one Hela brother to another.”
He also commended the appointment of Sir Arnold as attorney-general and justice minister.
“Sir Arnold will bring maturity into the legal fraternity.
“As a former chief justice and now attorney-general, there is no better person as Sir Arnold.
“I call on all leaders to work for stability over the next 15 months before the general elections in 2012,” Agiru said.