SHP improves on teacher attendance

National, Normal


TEACHER attendance at schools in Southern Highlands was beginning to improve since the  new education administration was appointment earlier this year.
This had also come about due to the recent restructure by the provincial education division.
A teacher from Pangia Primary School, Mark Wiai, said this while commending the current administration during an interview with The National this week
“Teachers are now in full swing and the line of administration from the provincial and district education heads down to the school heads is becoming effective,” he said.
Wiai, who is currently attending the Papua New Guinea Education Institute for an advanced diploma in education programme, said he had witnessed changes in schools in the province recently and was happy with the outcome.
“With the teachers getting down and working, we hope to have more and better educated students at the primary level to continue into secondary and tertiary institutions,” he added.
Teachers were now expected to give genuine reasons to provincial education authorities before they could be released to attend to personal matters during the school and while on payroll.
He said, in the past, many teachers from remote schools stayed longer periods in the towns doing their own business while getting their salaries.
This was a widespread corrupt practice and had caused poor results in both school and student performances.