SHP Knight urges Sir Michael to retire

National, Normal

The National, Monday 09th January 2012

A SENIOR statesman has called on Sir Michael Somare to retire from politics and allow young leaders to take over.
Sir Matiabe Yuwi said he and Sir Michael were among other members who were part of the constitutional planning committee that drafted the “mama law” or Constitution in the early 1970s when the country was preparing for self government.
He said Sir Michael was a hard working and wise leader at the time.
However, Sir Matiabe said many Papua New Guineans were happy with the changes and policies the present government has created such as free education, reduction on rice tariffs, increasing income tax threshold from K7,000 per annum to K10,000 and weeding out corruption in state departments.
“Sir Michael should step aside and allow the young leaders to take the rein from him and continue the good work he did since independence,” he said, adding that Sir Michael should let go of the differences and support the young leaders who had done so much change so far.
Former Southern Highland premier, Yangtin Koromba also supports the call for Sir Michael to step aside.
He said the political impasse had created disunity among leaders and such disorder in the high offices of the land was improper and must stop.