SHP leader praises former prime ministers for teaming up with O’Neill

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 1st, 2012

A COMMUNITY leader from Pangia, Southern Highlands, has applauded the parties that have thrown their support behind Peter O’Neill to form the next government.
Joe Kambu said the decision by former prime ministers Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare (National Alliance), Sir Julius Chan (People’s Progress Party) and Paias Wingti (People’s Democratic Movement) showed that the high-profile politicians had confidence in O’Neill’s leadership.
“On behalf of the people of Ialibu-Pangia, I would like to thank the Grand Chief, Sir Julius and Wingti for showing support for our young leader and his party to form the next government,” he said.
Kambu said the political differences of the past few months could now be put aside to make way for a new start for the good of the country.
“Your support has also restored the confidence of the people in this government and we believe that you have the heart for this nation.
“After all, when you have all come together to join hands to form the government, it is for the good of PNG,” he said.
“We have experienced many positive policies being put forward by O’Neill’s government and I know that the prime minister will live up to his words to make sure that  policies such as free health and education become workable.”