SHP leaders join police in peace talks


POLICE and more than 100 community leaders in Southern Highlands met last Friday to discuss how to restore peace in the province.
Police commander Joseph Tondop told The National that most of the current law and order problems were related to the recent general election.
They discussed the reopening of the Agiru Centre, the establishment of a peace and good order committee to facilitate peace talks following election-related killings in the province, conducting of awareness, information and education on cross-cutting issues and recovering stolen vehicles, dynamites and weapons.
Tondop said the event at the Mendi Catholic Diocese in Kumin was attended by community, church and youth leaders, provincial government members, and police officers.
He said they also discussed the election victory of Governor William Powi which was being challenged by Joe Kobol.
“When the leaders reconcile, the people will have no choice but give in and make peace because the current crisis is election-related and leaders must take responsibility,” he said.
He said it was also suggested to restore civil administration and enforce the law accordingly as people had suffered enough. Acting administrator Thomas Eluh and Tondop urged leaders to respect the rule of law and not to mislead their followers.