SHP local: Probe road payment firm

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The National, Friday 10th Febuary 2012

HIGHLANDS Highway rehabilitation programme interim president Joe Korowe agrees that an investigation be conducted into the payments made to landowners living along the highway.
Korowe, from the contracts 13 and 14 in Southern Highlands province, supports Works and Transport Minister Francis Awesa in calling on chief secretary Manasupe ZurenuOc to appoint an investigation team to look into how Mori Consultants made payments to the landowners.
Korowe said they had been cheated and denied what was rightfully theirs.
He said some landowners on contract 13 and 14 from River Kagul to Angula were not paid the correct amounts.
Korowe said such consultant companies which failed to perform their duties must be properly investigated.
He said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill should also intervene and help Awesa.
Korowe said if there had been an error or corruption involved, then those who have been participating must face the law.
He said landowners had waited for the past 10 years for their payments.
He said if their concerns were not addressed, there could be “disruptions” on the highway.
Korowe said frustration was building up.
He said that people would take law into their own hands if things were not addressed properly.