SHP needs a person to serve the people

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 5, 2011

OVER the years, the people of Southern Highlands have been compliant to government authority and, at no time, questioned the performance of provincial government and its administration.
Successive provincial governments and administrations continue to abuse the trust bestowed upon them by mismanaging the resources to enrich themselves and not  the people.
This led to the deterioration of infrastructure and facilities.
This sad state of affairs continued and eventually affected the various sectors such as health, education, community development, economy, infrastructure, law and order and the general welfare of the people.
Although the province is host to the multi-million kina hydrocarbon projects, the wealth is not reflected on its development index.
The administration has been silent on the multi-billion kina LNG project and failed to take a lead role in infor­ming the people on what is happening and provide opportunities in spin-off benefits.
There is a total lack of coordination at the provincial level, with the deve­loper, DPE and relevant stakeholders.
It is evident the public service machinery and its systems had become dysfunctional.
While this is happening, the people are questioning whether we have a legitimate government and administrative authority to perform its constituted duties.
Public confidence in the public service has diminished.
We have been silent for far too long and it has come to a stage where we cannot continue to be spectators and allow self-serving public servants to derail the process of go­vernment system for their self-ga­in and benefit.
Interestingly, the provincial administrator does not live in the province and has failed to perform.
It is public knowledge that he is vying for the Southern Highlands governor’s seat next year.
Just talk to anyone on the streets in Mendi and you will be impressed with their response.
It is a shame the SHPG and PEC have been silent about it.
This is corruption at its best and nobody will do anything about it as they are also part of the web.
Over the past 20 years, the provincial administrators and provincial treasurers were appointed from one particular ethnic group.
It is sad to say this but it was a disaster.
As a result, SHP continues to experience the same problems.
The current provincial administrator’s term expired on April 4 and PEC is said to be considering a candidate as acting administrator.
The word is the provincial treasurer is being considered for this post – again, from the same ethnic group and part of the current set-up.
There is clear political interference and it is derailing due diligence in appointing a new provincial administrator.
This has been the core problem over the years and we have not learned our lessons.
Political interest is taking precedence over the interest of the province and its people.
Our decision makers are blinded as a result of their self-interest and greed.
We want an administrator who lives in Mendi, is familiar with the local issues and will take responsibility to resolves them.
We want someone who can serve the people and work with elected leaders to restore the public service system, perform his constituted and mandated functions and to restore public confidence among our people, resource developers, stakeholders, etc.
We ask the SHPG, PEC, Public Service Commission and National Executive Council to be transparent and listen to our plea for a change.


Trupela SHP