SHP needs school inspector

Highlands, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 26, 2011

 SOUTHERN Highlands provincial education division has called on the Education Department to appoint a secondary schools inspector for the province.

This was in response to media report about last year’s poor performance of Grade 12 students in secondary schools in the province.

Provincial education adviser Joel Raitano, who was appointed to the post in the middle of last year said the province been without a secondary school inspector since 2006 and this had left the secondary schools to operate without supervision. 

There was no resident inspector in the province and between 2009 and last year, the Education Department occasionally dispatched an inspector from Port Moresby to visit schools in the province.

Raitano said that there was a need for an inspector to be based in the province for constant monitoring of secondary schools and urged the concerned education authorities in Port Moresby to consider sending one this year.

He said although housing was short, the provincial education division would find one for the inspector and would also provide transport and logistics to assist in the work.