SHP people hailed for looking after health facilities


Southern Highlands Provincial Health Authority chief executive Dr Joseph Birisi has commended the people for looking after health facilities.
“With the launching of the information communication technology system a few weeks ago, the hospital is looking forward to improving other services. The cooperation between the PHA and the people must continue. We want to have a good management system in place,” he said.
He said the people respected health facilities and not once harassed health workers or damaged the facilities.
He said not only the health facilities but other government facilities such as schools should be looked after.
“We cannot go to other provinces searching for services which we destroyed. What we have now (government services) must be respected and looked after.”
He said nurses Regina Solu and Niltande Kange, who were sent to the Pimaga Rural Hospital in the Kutubu local level government, saved a woman in labour during February’s earthquake.
“Because of the earthquake, the woman was traumatised and went into premature labour. She came running to the hospital for help,” Birisi said.
“Electricity went off, people screamed and ran in all directions. There was fear. But the two nurses faced the challenge. Using a torch, they successfully helped in the delivery of the baby.
“Nursing is a noble profession. This is a story of passion, faith, commitment and respect.
“This is something I want to encourage staff.”

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