SHP police confiscate liquor valued at K40,000

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The National, Monday 13th Febuary 2012

HIGHWAY Patrol 17 police from Kaupena, Southern Highlands, have confiscated alcohol worth more than K40,000 at the River Kagul checkpoint on the border with Western Highlands.
Police helped security guards manning the roadblock at Kagul to arrest four vehicles loaded with alcohol.
Police were with the guards to check on all vehicles entering Southern Highlands because of the alcohol ban in the province.
In the early hours of Friday four Toyota Land Cruiser 10-seaters believed to be hired cars were held at the checkpoint. During the check they confiscated the alcohol.
Those trying to smuggle the alcohol and the drivers of the vehicles were charged and later bailed for K500 each.
Highway Patrol 17 commander Chief Sgt Philip Kumo said they were at the checkpoint to help the guards there.
He said that at around 2am last Friday two vehicles were stopped and they confiscated 20 cartons of SP bottles, 14 bottles of coffee punch and 16 bottles of live lave.
Kumo said after an hour two more vehicles were held at the checkpoint and police managed to confiscate another 110 cartons of SP bottles and arrested both the drivers and people smuggling the alcohol.
He said people were still trying to smuggle alcohol into the province.
Kumo said police needed funding to put up more roadblocks because with the election coming up, “alcohol will be a big concern and will cause a lot of problems”.