SHP sees a rise in alcohol intake

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The National, Wednesday 15th May 2013


ALCOHOL consumption in Southern Highlands has increased since a ban was imposed in 2009, former Nipa district administrator Robin Pip said.

He urged the provincial liquor commission to put in place strong measures to stop people from smuggling alcohol into the province.

Pip said despite the alcohol ban in 2009, people continued to smuggle liquor into the province which were sold at very high prices.

“It’s very sickening to see people drinking alcohol in Mendi town, Nipa station and along the road,” Pip said.

Pip said that since the liquor ban was imposed, the consumption of homebrew and smoking of marijuana drug has increase and gone out of control.

He said a bottle of beer cost K10 and those who could not afford it turned to homebrew sold in 500ml plastic bottles for K5.

He said alcohol contributed to many social problems in the district.

He said many fatal accidents on the road involving drunken drivers were attributed to alcohol consumption.

“I am appealing to the provincial executive council and Governor William Powi to strengthen the Kagul River checkpoint and establish checkpoints on any exit roads into the province from Western Highlands and Enga,” he said.

Pip said large quantities of alcohol were smuggled into the province by road.