SHP situation under control

National, Normal

The National, Friday 14th September 2012

THE office of Southern Highlands Governor William Powi is making sure the situation is under control, Powi’s chief executive officer Robin Tuna said yesterday.
Tuna said Powi had been briefed about the flooding, its damage and the deaths as a result of it.
Tuna said Powi would return today from China but his office and the administrator had already engaged officers to assess the situation.
“Powi will help the people and places that have been affected financially, ,” Tuna said.
He said an excavator had been engaged to clear the Kagua to Mendi road.
“If anything happens, the governor is aware and will come to see the areas and provide assistance.”
Tuna said A plan was under way to arrange help for those affected.
“The governor is in China and is not waiting for Prime Minister Peter O’Neil but he is aware that things have been brought under control,” Tuna said.
Tuna said a team had been engaged to make assessments and was visiting affected families and places.
“In the meantime I want to inform the people that the office of the governor will provide some form of assistance to them because there is nothing else that we can do when a natural disaster strikes.”
He said called on people not to live near rivers if they wanted to avoid floods.
Tuna said adults must even send their children alone to rivers and educate them not go near mountains.
He said it would be better if people started to look after themselves by avoiding places where they could be affected by landslides and floods.