SHP take right approach

National, Normal

The National, Monday 29th April 2013


THE Department of Implementation and Rural Development has thanked the Southern Highlands provincial administration for sending public servants to the districts.

Badira Vari, acting secretary for implementation said last Thursday in Mt Hagen that the province had made the right decision.

He was closing a two-day workshop which discussed new administrative guidelines and financial instructions.

Vari said the national government had injected more money into the districts to deliver basic goods and services to people in rural areas.

He said the government wanted to see the lives of the rural people improve.

He said the provincial administration made a right decision to send public servants to the districts to work.

Vari urged the public servants to work with elected leaders to deliver goods and services to the people.

He said the government depended on them to carry out its policies and changes in the rural communities.

Deputy provincial administrator Jerry David said the province in its new public servant restructure under the leadership of Governor William Powi would send public servants to the districts.

“There is nothing much to be done at the provincial level, the work is in the districts, that’s where we want public servants to stay with the people and deliver goods and services,” he said.