SHP wants to follow govt and give education big push


ACTING Southern Highlands administrator Thomas Eluh says he will be giving priority to education as the government is doing a tremendous job supporting it.
Eluh told 102 graduating students, some parents and stakeholders at North Mendi Primary School that education was an important investment.
He urged students to give priority to their schooling and parents to support them.
Eluh said many students come from disadvantage families and they needed the support of their parents, relatives and communities that would boost their morale to do well and be good citizens. “I grew up with my mother and she was both parents, she stepped into the duties my father should have performed,” he said.
“God has plans for every student, nothing is impossible and with God, we can achieve our dreams regardless of whatever background we hail from.”
Eluh said he was troubled after hearing about elections-related violence in the province that affected schools. But he was glad that many schools had ended the year successfully.
“We all need to stand united and support our students and schools if we want to improve the education standard in the province,” he said.