SHP youths predict another failed election

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 24th January 2012

YOUTHS in Southern Highlands are predicting another failed election in the province if a provincial administrator is not sworn-in before the issue of writs in April.
They are calling on Governor Anderson Agiru and the province’s nine MPs, including Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, to set aside their political differences and appoint an administrator.
They want a Mendi man to be given the post because previous administrators and their deputies  had been using the administrator’s position as a “refilling station”.
Mendi town youth chairman, John Mombulu said the new administrator should have no political affiliations, criminal record and be prepared to deliver to the rural disadvantaged.
He said there had been an absence of basic services in past years, with most public funds being misused.
He claimed vehicles bought during the state of emergency in 2006 were missing, tendered projects had not been implemented while no developments had been done to show for the millions of kina being pumped in by the government.
Mombulu said the administrator’s post did not belong to anyone, no one was the custodian and the tussle over it was “basically pointless”.
He said successive administrators had not performed because they were after “money and power” and that had resulted in too many problems.
He said the youths wanted someone who would have command and control in the province and ensure that the election was peaceful and free.
Mombulu said there was no need for politicians to be involved in the appointment of the administrator because  the people wanted a neutral person appointed.