Shut all entry ports


There are many false rumours and media statements which intend to put everyone in this country at a panic mode.
I agree that our Government should declare a state of emergency as mentioned by Opposition leader Belden Namah on Wednesday March 18.
This is to take measures on how to avoid and to be on alert for this virus.
There is a high risk when airports and wharves are still open.
Let us not trust the negative results passengers show at the checkpoints because symptoms show after a few days.
Many provinces in our country are not fully prepared to tackle this virus.
We have no proper facilities and medication to treat early signs and quarantine infected patients if this virus hits us.
Covid-19 is very dangerous for the country and is already affecting neighbouring countries.
This virus is serious and is coming.
We know for sure that the World Health Organisation and medical researchers are working around the clock to look for a cure.
This deadly virus has no vaccine and is so dangerous for a tiny developing country such as PNG.
Most countries have closed their main entry points including cancelling flights and closing down wharves.
If the virus hits PNG then these hygiene routines given will be less helpful because of our lifestyle.
We have a crowded unhealthy lifestyle with relatives and wantoks in the same house.
Our market places are always crowded with friends sharing betel nuts and smoke.
Ninety per cent of our people depend on public vehicles for transportation.
We have a way of hugging and shaking hands unnecessarily every time we see our friends.
All of this have contributed to a careless and unhealthy lifestyle that may lead to the danger of this country.
Shut down all entry points immediately.

Meimei Omole,
Kumul Country

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