SI students at UPNG upset over allowance

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The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013

 SOLOMON Islands students at the University of Papua New Guinea are unhappy with how their government is treating their allowance issue.

Solomon Islands Students Association president Jack To’ofilu said while some had received the allowance, others had, not which was totally unfair.

The deputy accountant general at the Finance Ministry in Honiara, Marilyn Kodoleke, had told them that they only received payment instructions last Monday.

“We have problems with the budget. As soon as the budget is settled, we would transfer the payments,” Kodoleke said.

She blamed the delay in payment for the late submission of the students’ first semester academic performance.

But To’ofilu said the explanation did not make sense because some of the students had already been fully paid their allowance.

“And the excuse that the budget needs to be settled is interesting because we thought our allowances for this year have already been budgeted for,” he said.