Siaka acknowledges influence of father


KUMUL Petroleum Papua New Guinea Barramundis batsman Lega Siaka has credited his dad for encouraging him to follow and take up cricket as a boy.
“When I was young, my father used to tell me to follow cricket,” he said.
“As a sportsman himself, my father used to follow and play many different sports.
“But he would always encourage me to follow cricket.”
Growing up in Hanuabada, Siaka clearly took this encouragement to heart, kicking off his journey in cricket at the age of nine.
He joined his first club at the age of 15 where he started to take a serious interest in the game.
Siaka loved watching matches between international teams such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia.
Not surprisingly, one of his role models in the sport was former Australian captain Michael Clarke.
His batting statistics were impressive, and the way he played inspired him over the years.
Fast forward to 2021, the Barramundis are now on their journey to their maiden World Cup, hosted in Oman and the United Arab Emirates.
Their first game will be against hosts Oman. While this prospect is a little scary, Siaka remains focused on the game and his performance.
“We’re prepared to face any country,” the right-handed batsman said.
“We’re looking forward to winning.”
The 28-year-old said one of the great things about the sport was its competitive nature.
In addition, being part of a team means making friends along the way.
Training for cricket has meant keeping fit which he loves, but it also means he can partake in other activities as a way of clearing his mind.
Siaka is mostly out at sea fishing with his cousins, or taking part in canoe racing.
He considers himself a good singer too, fine tuning his notes in the church ministry.
Being away from his family is difficult as he misses them greatly, especially his three children.
But he has also learnt to enjoy the share experience with his teammates.
Gearing up for the World Cup, Siaka has expressed great appreciation to all their supporters.

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