Siassi locals use knives in conflicts

Lae News, Normal

The National, Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WOUNDING other people using sharp objects during arguments is escalating in Siassi Island, Morobe, and rated highest among other law and order issues.
It was followed by drug consumption, stealing and rape which many of these suspects roam freely without being arrested and convicted, if found guilty for their wrong doings, a police officer said.
The island has lost its tradition and flavour of being a loving and caring people because the current generation has tarnished it, Const Nimrod Japheth said.
Most of the victims were admitted at health centres or even airlifted to Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae and were discharged after being treated.
On the island were only two officers: Snr Const Joe Afo, who serves at Bunsil government station while Japheth serves at Lablab mission station.
However, they are without transport, manpower, fire power, communication access and uniforms and the population is increasing just like social disorder.
At Lablab, there is no police station while at Bunsil, the station is rundown.
To write reports to provincial police commander Peter Guinness, the officers dig into their own pockets to buy stationeries.
“Doing weekly rounds, we resort to paddle by canoe around the main Umboi Island or out to chain of Sisi Islands including West New Britain areas to do policing awareness,” Japheth said.
“I have personally reported the matter to the PPC that was addressed with MP Vincent Michaels and LLG administration but nothing had eventuated while suspects were never arrested or charged in court,” he said.