Sick and tired of reading bad news

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013

 PEOPLE and business communities are fed up with all the irresponsible activities and actions of our disciplined forces. 

Regardless of stern warnings given one after the other by the respective commissioners and ministers, there are no positive signs to prove that the warnings have been heeded. 

After the publicity involving NCD police in Gulf, we had a civilian allegedly killed by police officers on Manus Island. 

Then we had army personnel terrorising innocent civilians and destroying public property. 

Very interestingly, we read about Central police going to Madang to arrest Madang policemen over the Usino-Bundi election petition apparently without following proper procedure or getting approval from appropriate commanders. 

For how long are we going to see such loose actions and practices from the disciplined forces who are  sworn to protect public property and the lives of the people of Papua New Guinea?

The actions of our disciplinary forces are hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons and the prime minister should be held accountable. 

Do we have to wait until a politician’s son is killed by one of our disciplined forces before the Government steps in? 

We are sick and tired of reading such news everyday when we should be discussing positive developments taking place around our country. 

It is time for a Cabinet reshuffle and heads to roll from minister down to commanders in all our disciplined forces. 



Wanbel Niape

Port Moresby