Sikani asks minister to apologise for using his name

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 21st December 2011

FORMER Correctional Services commissioner Richard Sikani says his name has been unfairly used by CS Minister Sai Beseo to make degrading comments against a public servant.
Sikani was referring to a report in The National recently saying he had raised an issue that was 20 years old and which was solved years ago.
Sikani said whatever happened to Martin Balthasar in 1989 was none of his business and he was not interested to know or comment about it.
He said that between 1987 and 2001, he did not work with the CS. He was committed to his studies and worked as a researcher with the National Research Institute.
“I don’t know why my name is used and I don’t know who wrote the story. I want an apology from the minister for wrongly naming me,” he said.
Sikani said information about the sexual allegation case against Balthasar was recorded, held and released by officers investigating Balthasar and not anyone else, including him.
“I am not qualified to give any information to the public about Balthasar’s case,” Sikani said.
“I was only made aware of the 1996 Supreme Court ruling dismissing the sexual allegation case against Balthasar by state lawyers last year when I was commissioner.” 
He said he has nothing personal against Balthasar or the CS management.
Sikani called on the minister to retract his statement and to leave him alone.