Silent MPs put PNG’s demoracy in danger

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013

 DOES anyone know why all our MPs on the government’s side are being very silent over sensitive issues like the rushed refugee deal, which has been signed by the prime minister without any proper debate within the Parliament or among the general public? 

To our MPs; before voting for the constitutional amendments, have any of you ever thought of when the prime minister will take advantage to bulldoze anything he sees fit without seeking parliamentary views or public opinions? 

It is happening right here now. 

You voted for it and indirectly, you have contributed towards corruption and whatever bad decisions the government makes now, you should be ashamed for letting your voters down as you should be fighting for their rights. 

PNG is slowly losing soght of democratic principles when the government plays dirty politics to restrict fundsfrom opposition members. 

It is a great concern for our democracy when members of parliament no longer have the right to speak against any development they feel would not benefit people and country. 

Why use such tactics to threaten MPs when you preach about getting rid of corruption? 

For the recent refugee deal, both prime ministers, Peter O’Neill and Kevin Rudd, should hang their hands in shame for bulldozing a very important issue through without any proper awareness or public debates.

They have made PNG  look stupid to the international community and a haven for illegal immigrants. 

The next big question is: Where will the government resettle all these refugees as permanent citizens when the government itself does not own any land mass?

The prime minister is blind to have signed this deal when the country has a shortage of land – witness the tribal fighting everywhere in PNG 

The government must reconsider all sides to a development before reaching a conclusion. 

Do not be swayed or distracted by all the sweets and goodies Australia is offering. 

Finally, I salute outspoken Oro Governor Gary Juffa for breaking the silence over important issues which concern our country while other MPs remain silent.

You are a hero for standing up for us.


Douglas Gilichibi

Port Moresby