Silt affects big engines


I READ in The National about what happened to the Water Police boat PPV BAKI 2 in operation in Western.
The waters around Daru from Kiwai Island to Parama and surrounding areas have a lot of silt and fine sedimentation mixed with saltwater.
Big engines such as those 300hp Mercury powering BAKI 2 will suck a lot of this through their cooling systems and will need to be thoroughly rinsed and flushed out with clean fresh water.
Failure to do so will result in solidification of silt in the engine cooling system.
The tow truck and boat trailer that were deployed to Daru were brought back to Port Moresby leaving the BAKI 2 without support services.
Now who will pay for transportation costs to bring it back to Daru.
Crewing certification on board BAKI 2 are in breach of NMSA compliance as most coxswains and crews with the relevant NMSA qualifications and certifications are still waiting for their contracts to be sorted.
In order to get the boat shipshape the entire administration should be replaced.
A new team would push for the Water Police structure that is at Waigani to be approved so that the Water Police can strive for a bigger and better more efficiently run Water Police operation

John EKI Vaki