Sim card registration progresses well

The National,Thursday June 16th, 2016

THE roll-out of the subscriber identity module (Sim) card registration by bmobile-Vodafone is progressing well, group chief executive officer Sundar Ramamurthy says.
“The SIM card registration is going well, we’re progressing. If you go to any kiosk, we’ll ask for your Sim registration details,” Ramamurthy told The National yesterday.
“We’ve been doing it for several months now, working closely with Nicta (National Information and Communications Technology Authority).
“Nicta issued us this responsibility a year ago and I think it is a good idea as countries in the world are doing it so why should we be any different.”
Ramamurthy said the registration of Sim cards was mandatory and he urged users to register.
“We would encourage anybody to ring our call centre and verify their details, or go in person and register,” he said.
Meanwhile, according to the National Gazette on Sim card registration regulation 2016, the registration of Sim cards has been in force since April 22.
The Sim card registration legislation makes it compulsory for everyone who has a Sim card to register their names, photographs, their address and occupation.
Within 18 months all users are to visit their mobile service provider and have themselves registered.
Failure to do so, within the given timeframe, would result in the termination of services of any unregistered SIM number.
Nicta had allocated 10 million mobile numbers – six million to Digicel, two million to Telikom and two million to bmobile-Vodafone.
Registration of Sim card is mandatory under Nicta laws passed recently.