Simbu’s year-long war against drugs

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SIMBU province observed the first anniversary of the province-wide fight against illegal drugs, including marijuana, in Kundiawa last Friday.
The event attracted students, women’s group, NGOs and community and faith-based organisations and public servants.
Simbu Governor Fr John Garia used the occasion to give police a pistol surrendered by a former criminal from Yongaumugl tribe.
Students from the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) church selected different organs in the human body and explained the important functions they performed.
They highlighted how drugs and homebrew would affect the organs.
Simbu PPC Supt Joseph Tondop, who headed the awareness, reiterated the dangers of using and misusing marijuana and alcohol.
“The fight against illegal drug abuse in Simbu  must be won if we are to save the future generations of this province,” he said.
Fr Garia said delivery of goods and services would fail if the people continued to abuse alcohol and drugs.
“Simbu has initiated moves to build a limestone factory and a potato chips factory and it is time for the youths to go back to the land,” he said.
Fr Garia said Simbu people must learn to sacrifice a lot more sweat to see development instead of wasting time day-dreaming.