Simbu coffee company offering new brewer

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A NATIONALLY-owned and leading coffee exporter in Simbu province is the local exclusive distributor of coffee brewer called “Bravilor Bonamat”.
Simbu Kongo Coffee Ltd (SKCL) showed the brewer off to a high-level Government delegation led by chief security Manasupe Zurenouc when it visited its factory in Chuave last Tuesday.
“With this, we can now offer you the opportunity to enjoy the best aromatic flavour of fresh PNG coffee,” Jerry Kapka, SKCL’s managing director, said.
He said the brewing machine comes with a convenient mobile thermo-flask which can keep 2.2 litres of brewed coffee hot for up to eight hours.
“It is suitable for offices, boardrooms, meetings and staff amenities, mine site catering, educational institutions, schools, restaurants, parties and church gatherings,” the brochure stated.
To provide top-quality coffee to growers who never had a chance to enjoy their own coffee, Kongo Coffee introduced a “kofi stop” right on the side of the Okuk Highway section where its factory is situated near Chuave government station.
“The ‘kofi stop’ is to make available quality brewed coffee for the growers to enjoy, a thing which they never had in the past,” Mr Kapka told the visiting delegation.
An impressed Mr Zurenouc said he would order the coffee brewing machine for his office in Port Moresby.
Kongo Coffee had supplied brewers at the National Development Bank (NDB) office and other institutions in Port Moresby.