Simbu cracks whip

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 06th of March, 2014

THERE is no place for thieves to hide in the Simbu  government, administrator Joe Kunda says.
His warning came after he reported to police that four officers stole money from the provincial government. All four were locked up in the police cells.
“We are adamant to clean them up, the people in the districts need services. Those wanting lay their hands on money that does not belong to them have to go,” Kunda said.
One of the officers allegedly stole K5,000 from Kunda’s office and the other three committed similar offences in Governor Noah Kool’s office.
The other three had taken an undisclosed sum.
The arrests were made this week.
Kunda said this was a warning to others who were stealing to quit before the system caught up with them.