Simbu earmarks K160,000 for teachers

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SIMBU provincial government’s four-year effort to have trained teachers will see 10 trainees starting classes in Madang Teachers College.
Principal adviser for education, Essy Walkaima, said the breakthrough was finding trainees who were willing to live and teach in Karamui-Nomane.
Karamui is accessible only by air and is left out in development, unlike the rest of Simbu.
“There’s now a trend for teachers to leave their place of work due to difficulties.
“The MoA signed by Madang and Simbu was to enable this arrangement to be effective for five years before any review,” he said.
Karamui-Nomane MP Posi Menai had deposited a total of K160,000 for the training teachers.
Mr Walkaima said the trainees would sign an MoU upon graduation to teach in Karamui only.
He said his office was negotiating with other colleges for similar arrangements.