Simbu make basketball rebound

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THE Men’s basketball game played between Team Simbu and Team New Ireland on Sunday was a very tough encounter.
The men from Simbu played an outstanding and much more coordinated game unlike their last game against Western Highlands the previous day.
In the first half Team Simbu led the New Irelanders 25-17 to eventually come out 41-36 winners.
Team Simbu coach Paul Eria said: “My boys can do much better than what they have shown today.
“Some of the players are inexperienced but from the way they played, I have confidence they will pass through the elimination stage.
“I brought my team to the PNG Games to bring back gold to Simbu.”
“No matter how hot it is in Port Moresby we will still put our best efforts to the battle it out.
Team Simbu lost to  WHP on Saturday.