Simbu man jailed for indecent exposure

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The National, Monday October 14th, 2013


A MAN has been jailed for 12 months for showing his penis to a girl.

Peter Kawage, a father-of-six from Kerowagi in Chimbu, and a community leader at 4-Mile settlement in Lae, was sentenced by the Lae District Court after it found him guilty of indecent exposure.

Magistrate Nasaling Bingtau told Kawage: “You are a big man. You must not show your penis again to small girls.”

The court heard that around noon last Tuesday, Kawage approached a nine-year-old girl who lives at the same settlement, pulled down his zipper and showed her his penis.

The girl told police that Kawage had earlier told her that he was interested in her elder sister.

The girl reported the matter to herparents and a complaint was lodged with the police.

When asked by Bingtau why he exposed his private parts to the girl, he said it was not intentional.

The court heard that the girl and her mother were selling cassava at a local market when Kawage approached them to but some. He said he accidently lifted up his shirt and exposed his penis.

He said he told them he did not mean to show his private part. But Bingtau refused to believe his excuse and sent him to jail.

“Don’t go around showing your penis again,” he said.