Simbu organisation assists kids, hospitals

Highlands, Normal


HUMAN resource is important in a country’s development and this is what the voluntary movement by the sons and daughters of Simbu province called the Simbu Children Foundation (SCF), are doing.
SCF Port Moresby team coordinator Esther Nombri told The National during the annual dinner at Crowne Plaza over the weekend that SCF, since its inception in 2005, assisted children in the province.
The POM team is the largest from within PNG and its overseas members included Australia, Europe, Ireland, Japan, China, and the United States.
“Most of the funding we get is donated to children in the hospitals and for this year we have seen three lives saved out from four we sent during the operation open heart in early May,” she said.
“We flew the children and their mothers, and except for the one we lost, we paid for all the funeral expenses. This is what we stand for; to save lives,” she said.
Now the three boys, four-year-old Peter Maima, five-year-old David James and 10-year-old John Dama, can smile for the rest of their lives as they will live a normal healthy life, thanks to the SCF.
She said the annual dinner was to raise more funds for SCF and for this year, one of the main targets was to complete the Kundiawa General Hospital paediatric unit.
Last year, SCF donated K28,000 worth of medical equipment to the hospital.
Ms Nombri said they raised around K40,000 from the event.
The SCF is a voluntary organisation formed by Simbus in various fields of work and students in PNG and across the world that was established in 2005.
It started after the current president Jimmy Drekore met some sick children in Kundiawa General Hospital while taking care of his sick mother.