Simbu public servants earning more in salary

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SOME senior public servants within the Simbu provincial administration were allegedly receiving salaries of two to three grades above their substantive grade levels.
Also, some unattached officers were still receiving salaries for doing nothing, while others do not know their duties and responsibilities but yet  getting paid   from the public coffers.
Simbu Governor Fr John Garia revealed this during the third Simbu provincial joint budget and priority committee in Kundiawa last Friday.
He said he saw a pay slip of a junior officer and was surprised that he was receiving a salary equivalent to an officer three grade levels above him.
Fr Garia blamed the provincial human resource development (HRD) division for messing these up because the division authorises all salaries and positions.
The provincial joint budgetary priority and planning committee headed by Fr Garia endorsed a motion by acting provincial administrator Joe Kunda to have an internal audit task force to investigate the matter.