Simbu Warriors playing football of the past

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 19, 2011

I WAS among the thousands of supporters who turned up at the PRL to watch the Gulf Isapeas versus Simbu Warriors match last Saturday.
Instead of having a good time, I went home with a bitter taste in my mouth.
And worst, it was not caused by the result, but by the way the Warriors played.
They played what many rugby league commentators would call “the football of the past”.
The game has evolved, matured and improved in the last two decades.
 I cannot understand why the Warriors are still playing “spiritual rugby”.
Are the players trying to live up to the Warriors name?
If they are, then I must say it was for a very wrong reason.
Why must the players throw a punch after each tackle, use their elbows, swear, accuse and try to intimidate the referee, etc?
It was a disappointing performance and bad sportsmanship.
The players should stick to their game plan rather than be egged on by the roaring crowd.
It was not rugby league at its best.
It was more like the players were desperate for a win and, if they got it by playing dirty, so be it.
The Warriors have lost half of their fans to the Isapeas because PRL is a place where intellects and genuine people turn up to watch entertaining matches; they know who is winning and who is losing.
That match clearly belonged to the Isapeas.
They displayed 21st cen­tury rugby league.
The Warriors should learn from them.
Although I come from Chimbu, I have decided enough is enough and have switched to supporting the Isapeas.

Genuine rugby fan
Port Moresby